Click the link above to read up on Obama retaking the oath due to the mess up on his inaugural 


(aka Fatman Scoop and Shonda)

Now ive been on this show from like last year and dat, always watching it on the official website and have watched every episode up, now it has finally come over to the UK which gets shown on MTV Base, whooop. .

Listennnm It's toooooo funny, basically Fatman Scoop and Shonda are a married couple (obviously hence the title) and they receive emails and calls from fans about Sex etc, which the two then reply to them by giving them advice and it is too much jokes. . Fatman scoop is the greatest lol cos he's just so raw plus he has A.d.d which means he gets mad hyper and Shonda has to calm him down  and i like Shonda a lot too cos she always giving really nice advice and is dipolmatic with it but at the same time together they are both jokers and the show will have you in stitches. .

So if you havent seen it already watch MTV Base or check out their website:

Let me know what you think, ladies and gentlemen. . 

The Hills Season 4

Arghhh shucks, ima sucka for this show i swear daaaan. .  I have seen every season and episode, which makes me a fully pledged Hills Fan and i aint to proud to deny haha. .

I think almost every female is onto this show, and if they're not, something is wrong lol. . I dont rate in the slightest thou the UK version of this with them lil teens, like NO ONE CARES, get it off my TV about you got a boyfriend, go learn your books star kmt. .

Anyways, i hope they do a season 5 of this series as im fully addicted. I couldnt even wait for MTV UK to be taking their sweet ass time airing this every sunday, so i just watched the whole season online. 

The last episode, the finale, ichiwahwaaaaah, it was tooo tense lol. .  

The awkward moment of uncomfortably trying to find words to ease the moment between Lauren and Heidi was toooo funny in a uncomfortable way. I actually watched it through my fingers and was like 'ahhh sheeeeet', just kina giggling with dat look of 'Ouch' on my face as its been ages since they've seen each and ended their friendship on shouting and tears so i felt the tenseness for them lol and just thought 'ahh shit, what would i do in that situation? how would i feel? How would i handle it and what would i say?' I dont even knoow lol. . I felt bad for Heidi thou coz she blantenly misses Lauren and seemed like she was in need of her friendship. . 

I think in life, everyone has that one friend or two, that they just need around, and sometimes they fall out or have ups and down with, but to loose them for whatever reason completely can be a bit f'ed, so i sympathised with her for that still as its bait she wants Lauren in her life and i think Lauren deep down loves her as a friend, its just when the people closest to us hurt us, we treat them different to someone who we dont know that hurts us, its just different so i understand and feel like i can relate to some of the things they go through which is why i love this show..

Anyways ladies watch this show, trust, makes me want my own Reality Show. . .hmmm x

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay, so yuh dun already know about B.I.G and if you dont, please use your nearest exit which u will find by clicking the X in either your top right or left hand corner, depending if your a mac or a pc users. . sighs (punches you in the ear)

Anyways, i got to watch this film yesterday and all i wana say to ya, ITS OFFFFFFFFFF DA CHAIN <--gahaha (off the chain u know, who says thaat, ha. .) 

Seriously thou, this film is so f'ing dope, it makes me as a artist so much more hungrier and wanting it more, makes me think, is some things really worth etc and priorities are a must, so know which yours are. . 

Biggie, was soo talented and its a crying shame that he got killed so young (24) thats nuts, and when you think about it, the bars and content he was coming out with at that age, is just CRAZZZZZZY, I cant really put my finger on another artist that age right now that kills it like Big did!

But yes, this is a story about him on the come up, the trails and tribulations he went through, his relationships with his first baby mother, to Kim to Faith, (he gets down with da sex scenes lol) to his relationship with his mother, his boys, Puffy and Tupac, its nuts. .

As soon as it comes out over here in the cinemas, please guys if your a lover of music, hustle, inspriation and of Big, its a must see. .

Check out the trailer below:

(Click link to see flier in full if you cant above) 

Okaaaaay, so ALL the INFO you NEED is posted on this flier, meaning yo ass doesn't need to keep msging me via facebook asking me bait questions which the flier above staaaaaaaaaaaaates HA. .

On a real thou, if you wana be in series 3 of Dubplate Drama, whether your a actor/actress/ aspiring one, emcee, artist or none of the above and just want in, then all you need to do is, go down to the address with a c.v and a photo of yourself from 11am - 4pm, do your thing and hopefully if you get a part, i shall see you on set when its time to film. . 

"What is Dubplate Drama about?"

Meet Dionne (Played by Shystie) is a normal girl with a big talent and ambition to match it. Her first mission – to get her dubplate cut. The second – to get famous. It's a long road. She's gonna meet plenty of people who can help her make it. And plenty of people who are gonna try and hold her back. Her fate is in your hands. Get voting. It's Dubplate Drama.

Trailer for Dubaplate Drama 2


At the end of the year Justin Stennett (Manager) and Shystie came up with an idea for her to front her own Interactive TV Series called 'Dubplate Drama', where She played the leading role of 'Dionne', an aspiring female emcee trying to make it in the music world but often faces a lot of trials and tribulations. And its up to the viewers to put themself in her shoes and decide her fate by texting and choosing either A or B and the option with the most votes gets shown the following week.

The 6 part episode lasted 12 and half minutes each and was shown on Channel 4, E4, MTV, MTV Base, PSP and 3Mobile which was aired on 11th November 2005, showing 17 times a week over a 6 week period and received 3.3million Viewers. When the series finished, MTV and Channel 4 then showed all 6 episodes back to back as a film which showed 20 times over December 2005 to February 2006.

In February 2007, Shystie started filming for Dubplate Drama 2 where again she played the lead role, 'Dionne 'which runs for half an hour (per episode) and is now a 12 part series instead of its previous 6 part.

It started showing on Channel 4, Channel 4 +1, E4, E4 +1, MTV, MTV Base, Myspace and all mobile phone networks which aired on all platforms from 18th September 2007. The series featured old cast members and new with many cameo appearances from well-known UK artist. The script again was written by Luke Hyams, executive producer Justin Stennett (Shystie's Manager) and Production company, Amateur hour.

Dubplate Drama 3, starts in 2009..

Yo im shooting one of my new singles called 'PULL IT' on the 31st Jan. . 

I need some ladies whose on dis ting and know how to get down to bassline to send us a picture/your name/and contact number to:

need a few guys also but moreso ladies its your time. . 

So if you wana get your face on tv and come down and support your girl, get your info into the above email ASAP and someone will contact you back. . 


Ayo guys, you may of seen my facebook updates getting changed via Twitter. .

I recently signed up to it and what it is, is i update it via my phone or when im fooling about on my mac online and let you know what im up to there and then and you can reply to me, then i'll hit you straight back. .

Its quite dope as i like the facebook updates, but this way instead of me always having to log into facebreezy, i can just doing it via my phone, which saves time etc. So yeh if you wana follow me without getting arrested, just click on the button FOLLOW then you can be updated on whats gwaaaaaarnin with me right now or what and how im feeling or just talk to me via it, ya diiiig!!!! <----Just click the link and thats all you gast to doo


Support the UK Music scene and artist and cop Tinchys new track, 'Take Me Back'. . So far he's number*3 in the itunes chart, so lets help him buy copping his single and pushing him to number one. .

or pop down to your nearest HMV and cop a hard copy. . 



LMFAO. . . MEN!!!



Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th president of the United States on the 20th January 2009. .

Obama and Michelle jumped out of the 'The Beast' (Which is his personal limousine that's armoured up to levels) and walked towards 'The White House'. . 

'History in the making'. . 

This is such a historic time and i'm so glad i'm alive to witness it. .  I remember the night of the elections, i stayed up till 5am watching him go against Mc Cain, it was crazy, i got that bad boy recorded on my sky plus which i will be burning into DVD, FACT!

So yesterday at Obamas Inaugural, i was sitting in my room, (again with my sky plus on record) just thinking 'This is soo amazing' and when he jumped out of his car, i wont lie i was praying nothing would happen to him, as i DEFINITELY didnt wana see any sort Kennedy replay. . 

But i heard the whole area that people entered to see him was protected by big federal buildings that was locked down for the day. People had to go thru mental detectors, the secret service troops was all over the place and i saw policemen walkin on roof tops, ready to kill at any instance, so i felt a bit at ease.

Then after they walked about two blocks, they both jumped back into 'The Beast', Obama looked so handsome (grins lol) in his long black thick jacket with his dark red scarf, swaggered and Michelle looks very elegant but must of been freezing, the weather looked ridiculous . .

"The Beast"

Check The Modifications on his whip:

* Armour-plated doors that are eight inches thick - each weighing the same as a cabin door on a Boeing 757 airliner.

* The boot contains an independent oxygen supply and advanced fire-fighting system.

* Defence systems include pump-action shotguns, night-vision cameras and tear-gas cannons. Supplies of the President's blood will also be kept on board in case he needs emergency medical treatment.

* The petrol tank is amour-plated, while also being filled with specially designed foam to prevent it from exploding if the armour is penetrated.

* Tyres on the limousine are Kevlar-reinforced, puncture- and shred-resistant, with special steel rims that allow the car to continue driving even if the tyre is missing.

* The bodywork is made up of a combination of dual-hardness steel, aluminium, titanium and ceramic material to help break up projectiles aimed at the car.

Dnt F abaaaat. . This car so rightfully deserves the name 'The Beast', this is protection to the 10th power, i want one lol..

In The Glassed in reviewing stand. .

(Michelle and Obama doing the damn thaaang as they watch the parade)

During this time, there was a really nice parade going on, which they watched from the bullet proofed glassed in review stand surrounded by VIPS, family and close friends. . The parade looked fun, trumpets, cheerleaders the whole shebang, the band that was performing were from Obamas old high school in Hawaii and the cheerleaders were from Michelles old high school also. . 

'His Speech'
(Surrounded by bulletproof glass for his safety)

Obamas the man, i especially applauded the sly digs to Bush for F'ing up the country HAHA (raises fist)

"Our economy is badly weaken, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some" <--- Yo Bush, O is hollering at you there still HA!!

"Today i say to you, that the challenges we face today are real, they are serious and there are many, they will not be met easily or in a short span of time, but know this America, they will be met"

I hope people pay attention to that and understand that, this man cannot fix all bush's shegs over night, its gona take time, so dont start with 'Look he aint doing a good job' its gona take a long time to get back on track, so be easy!

"The support was immense"

^^ Ridiculous amount of people came to show support, ridiculoussssssss, 1-2million. .

"The Oath"

Obama takes the Oath and i dunno why the new reports were acting up talking wet about Obama messed up, Roberts did and didnt correct himself and it went a bit sheg from there, nevertheless, he is now swore in as president. . 

Saying that thou, i read today that experts want Obama to retake the oath. . hmmm

Anyways, i stayed up to about 4am i think it was and watched the Inaugural ball which was good, i watched Obama and Michelle have there first dance and after Obama said 
'Now thats what you call oldschool' lol he is tooo much. . 

All in all i am so happy he is now president, i pray many good things for him and his family, i hope he can bring more change into what the world is dealing with now and i just ask that people be patient and supportive. . I no longer use the word 'Cant' from he became president, because you can, its either you will or you wont, do or you dont, when you really check it, 'Cant' is just a excuse and a easy way out. . 

Lets stay positive and be the best that we can and use whoever you feel, if necessary, to inspire you to be a higher. . 

Also performances from the inaugural ball is showing tonight on MTV at 9pm make sure you check it out x

P/S: Off topic but just something to Discuss. .  Im not sure why Obama is dubbed 'The First Black President' when;

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President

James. A. Garfield was the 20th President

Warren. G Harding was the 29th President

All these Presidents were black but passing for white because of how their skin colour looked. . 

Research them. .  x

Soo, as most of you already know, there was some mad funny footage of this girl who was peeing on New Years Eve live in the street, gahahahhaha (Pissed, no pun intended) ('',).

I swear, i was overly in stitches cos wen i watched it, there was cars in the road, people walking an she was just crouched down, bareface, raved out ona 'FCUK THE WORLD I NEED TO PISS NOW SO SHUT YOUR FACE KISS MY ASS SO WOT' typa vibe, argh sheeeet hahaha. .

But the sickest thing is, was she peeing through her shorts? did she pull it to the side, WAT?? all i know is, when my guy said, 

'This is the grimest bitch on new years eve', she was on some flash gordan ting and was ouda der, there was no time for wipey wipey, she was offf. .

(deaaaad gahaha)

So if you havent seen it already here it is, and you need to check out the Spoof below which Vis done, too much jokes. .

VIS'S SPOOF LMFAO! He is tooo funny!!