Yes I'm afraid they are DEAD my friends... Unless you're rolling to an 80's night or fancy dress party!


So what's this 'jerking' craze taking over... won't somebody teach me?!

Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows...
We learn from our mistakes and eventually find our footing... right?!

Righttttttttttt.... Ready to start my Saturday.

Revolver have been working with some decent designer's/artist's at the min..

This banana letterman jacket is to die for!!


She tight though... raw to the core.

Performing at a BabyPhat show...

All I have to say is... the devotion needs to be a TWO-WAY thang!

1st... LV briefcase - ILL
2nd... Weaves - "fail"
3rd... Beat - ILL

That'll be all

Roman Kremer designed these for Mykita Sunglasses, due to come out November 2009.

I dunno, I say R.I.P shutter shades... Kanye fans killed them. 


Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

I dare anyone to attempt to drive to this.... go on!!

Come home Rogerrrrrrrrrrrrr

Whoop some new ish on it's way.
I love me some Andre... Come onnnnn everyone knows 
'Prototype' is a CHOOOOOOON!!

Sooo if you don't catch what he's saying....

"Test every piece of furniture,
To see if it is stable,
You wanna take it out on me?
Then do it on the table,
Blow to the head, It's fatal...Woo!"

New Eric Roberson on the way...

His new album 'Music Fan First' is due out on the 25th August.
Here's a few short commercial vids of some songs off the album.

Eric Roberson - She

Eric Roberson - Newness

Loving this track...

2 men walk into a jewellery shop (Which has been robbed before) in New Bond Street in the middle of the day...

And get away with 40m of goods. 

Bah anywho someone will get greedy and slip up soon... always the way.

It was well planned though :-s

... Teyana Taylor

Check it out: Married to the Mob

Looking alrite stilllllllllllllllllllll.

Bluey is certainly one to watch. 
Talented young'un from London who just NEEDS to blow, no doubt about it.

This guy has a phenomenal voice!!

He's been around for awhile and had a lot off hype off MySpace for a few years now...

But I think his time is finally coming to blow!

Look out for his Debut single 'I know'... he's even got an official remix with the man himself Ryan Leslie... 'CHEEEEEEEZ'

My fav Bluey vid....

Bashy ft H-Boogie - Your Wish Is My Command...

Can we get a 'Rock with you' rendition from the Bashy camp!

"That guy thinks he's sooooo bashy!" Ain't gonna lie though..

I am feelin' the vid!! It's growing on me... Get your 70's swag on Bashy... WHOOP!!