Lyrics are hard. .  Big tune, vid is ok too. . .

Chris Brown took it tooooo far. .

I will be back to comment on this tomorrow, coz im too tired to fully go in on chris brown and  write about everything i wana say regarding this picture and this situation right now. .  Grrrrr, this pic is just upsetting 

My little sister showed me this video and i was in stitchessssssss, i watched it about 5times lmao. . Its the way he grins then she just mases him lool. .



What a shame. The poor child looks so innocent.

Daily Start reports "A FILM of a two-year-old boy smoking a cigarette has provoked a storm of protests after becoming a shocking hit on the internet. The four-and-a half-minute clip shows the boy’s mum and dad encouraging him to light up. He is seen grasping a cigarette in his right hand while he tries to light it with a disposable lighter. But his small fingers are clearly not strong enough, so he clamps the cigarette in his mouth and uses both hands to get the lighter working."

-WSHH. . .

Naaaa, i wont lie, i was pissed off when i saw this. .  What kina f*rey is this really thou? The baby is 2yrs old and his parents are encouraging him to light it up and smoke, surrounded by other mugs, cheering him on laughing as well. . 

There are people in the world that cant have children full stop, yet you got people who can, just taking liberties with what they have been blessed with.  . Shit like this pisses me off differently, fcuk the dumb ass parents that are in this video clip promoting this shit, they need to rot under a jail cell, along with that child being taken out of their hands and placed with a proper family that just knows better and lastly fcuk anyone else who thinks this is funny and promotes this foolishness in and around town. .