So me and my sisters are on dis funky and tribal ting hard oooooh laard. .  So ima share with you all some of our favs (some old some newish) that send us maad when they come on. . 


Wookie ft Ny = Falling Again
Instrumental = Gallium 

This is my sisters favorite i mean, the girl turns stooooooooopid when it comes on  were listening to it now and she has wheeled it four times already (shakin my head) so yeah. . 

Moonshine = Emotions

Ok so this is my tune i mean, i will push anyone out the way when a DJ drops dis i swear, i will get on really foolish ina dance, sheeeeeet. .

Prempay N Dee ft Katie Pearl = Something in the air

Oh shiiiit,  give me a bottle of Rose and find me ina corner, flashing up a lighter, big up my gurl Katie on this one, she killed it. . This is my sonnnnnng, the beat will make me flex very tribal arrhh man .  I wont lie im on a hype cos im playing these songs as im typing. .  

Donaeo = African Warrior

I swear, let me loooose. . . Anytime this riddim gets drawn for, im offff ona mad ting, no alcohol needed. .  My favorite line in the whole is: 
"Cos Donaeo's a darg and im barking HROO HROO" <--My example of a Bark. .  haha

Artist?? = Just leave

Okay my brother got me a funky mixtape from one of his friends that hold a rave, the mix CD or rave is called 'FUNKY DISCO' but it didnt come with a tracklisting so i dont know the ladys name who is singing, the title of the track or who produced it, so if you know who it is, let me know so i can edit this post! But yes, this is a banger and i buss two soca moves to this track everytime. .  I've uploaded it so you can have a listen, all you gota do is press play. .

Restless Soul ft Shea Soul = Tricks

I love this one, i remember my sister heard it but didnt know the name or anything so i searched online by typing in the lyrics she remembered lol and actually found it. . So yeah this is one of our jams

Omar = It's so

We really like this one too. . Big up Omar

Artist?? = How does it feel

This is one of them tracks that just gets you in that vibe, whoo. .  Love it. .

Artist ?? = Heartbeat

This is a old one but still a Banger, Sing itt. . 

Artist ?? = How do i let go

Love this cos of the lyrics, i'm sure we can all relate in someway . .

Artist ?? = Travelling?

Big tune. .  I love this song, reminds me of the Garage days (flashes up lighter and sways)

Crazy Cousins?? = I Tried

Not sure if CC produced this, it sounds like them to me, but i could be wrong, either way i love this song too. .

Artist?? = Im right here

I love this song, its so positive and it reminds me of things i should of told a 'friend' to let em know i do care but, im sure she's knows regardless of whatever. .  Anyways, i love it whoop. .

Artist ?? = Love's the only drug

This one is a mellow one, but still one of my favs. .  (i think i labeled it wrong on the zshare, its actually from the House Of Koo - Carlos Aries Mix CD)

Artist ?? = Believe

Whoo, another positive track, this is dedicated to all those who know me ('',) and i'm sure they do HA. . (From the House Of Koo - Carlos Aries Mix CD)

Kele le roc = All night soldier

Ok, im not being bias as i love Kelz like the older sister i dont have but heeeey, this is a chunnnne. .  Kelz always represents and comes thru with the bangers (insert brap sound here). Oh yeah, tru were in the same team, its only right i let ya mo foes know, she has a new video coming soon an its baaad, shes looks like a hot mama in it lol so keep ya ears n eyes open for it, were takin over 09 MEMBER I TOL YA ha. .

Artist ?? = ??

I dont know nothing about this song other than its LARGE MATE

Artist ?? = The Squire 

lol big riddim dis

Artist ?? = Tell Me

Another mellow one, whoy bring on the tribal drums biiiitch and Skang. .  and Skang. .

Masters At Work = Work

Well, i'm West Indian, so i was brought up on soca so its bait that this is gona be one my favorites amongst most, (does the shuffle) "I want you to take your broom and swept up my yard" <-- is what i tell ah man. .  lyricsss

Artist ?? = Hold It Down

Certain people need to apply this chorus into there everyday shambles of a life still. .

Anane = Walking On Ice

i, i ,i , i , i , i. . . Welll, slap my leg n call me gloria. .  This song just makes me wana do da mexican wave up in dis mafacker. . (jumps up and shouts i, i, i, i, i, i, i in the mirror)

Thats all i can be bothered to up right now as i'm ill and feeling drowsy, (i think the lockets are kicking in HA) so i will be back later down the week or whenever i hear or remember some more. . 

And also post up links to your favorite Funky or Tribal tunes that you think i should have in my life and let me know what you think of our CHOICE OF JAMS

Peaaaaaaaazout xx

Ok, im gona really try get into this regular blogging thing, cos i've been shegging lately with keep you all updated and shit ma bad eek. .

PULL IT/BAD GYAL BASS: Aight first things first, some of you may already know that i have a new Bassline Tune out called 'PULL IT" / (BAD GYAL BASS) Produced by Subzero. . 

I really like it and its been tearing down clubs which im really happy about, a DJ called my manager and said it got pulled up 6 times at a really big bassline night, whoop whoop. . So i got excited about hearing that and hopefully the track can continue to build and end up being a big song. .

Some people were like 'Raa Shy i didnt know you liked Bassline' etc and im just like 'i like a lot of music' so thats why i'll spit on whatever i'm feeling, so fcuk yourself if you think i'm jumping on a hype. I'm an artist and i'm not pigeon holing myself to one set genre, i'll do whatever i like and no one cant tell me shit (pops neck n waves hand in the air) ('',)

So das dat, if you havent heard it check it out by clicking here --->My Myspace and text in all your DJ's you lock into and request it and if they dont have it tell dem 'WHAT KINDA WASTEMAN DJ ARE YOU REALLY THOU?? Next. .


I will be shooting a video for this track at the end of this month, so i'm currently getting treatments back to see the ideas some director have got in mind and i'm also writing my own one as i have to be involved as much as i can in all my projects. . 

So i'll keep you updated with that and depending on what treatment i'm go with, i may do a invite to those who wana come down and get hyped to be in it for maybe a crowd scene or whatever. .  Also if you have any ideas that you think would be dope, feel free to let me know, so i can steal (ahem) i mean, so i can incorporate it in HA. .  

Anyways yeah, thats it for the minute on 'Pull It/Bad Gyal Bass' (I put slash 'Bad GyalBass' as i've noticed on some DJs playlist they have named my track that, maybe cos i say that a lot in the song but yeah its actually called 'pull it' but nevertheless some may know it as the above)

NEW STYLE: It's here ha. . To anyone who has been supporting me throughout my music career will know i did a electro track called NEW STYLE in late 06 and put it up early 07 (way before everyone started jumping on the bandwagon) and its finally ready to go. .

I shot a video for this last year, but it just wasnt the right time to release it and since den lots of people who attended the shoot had just constantly been bugging me, non stop askin 'when is it out Shy'. .

And i wont lie, it agitates me when people ask me the same questions over n over again, especially when i say, 'as soon as i know ill let YOU know', but still they ask sighs, well its finished now, a lot of re editing and re syncing had to be done as i have two new versions of the track over the video (explained below) and we are currently just waiting to here back from which music channel it will be played on, so it should be on TV by next month latest. .

PICTURES FROM MY SHOOT: (more on my facebook)


And also the original i did the track over was a 'Satisfaction' sample so we has to get back in the studio and get a new beat done for it. . 

So i hooked up DJ Deekline & Ed Solo who produced a breakbeat version for me which sounds so nuts, especially when u turn that bitch up to MAX argggh shiiit. . 

Then i have another version produced by a american producer called 'Oh Snap' and he also done a remix of it too and when i tell you that version is CRAZZZZZZZZY. . I cant wait to perform it out cos its one of dem beats where u just have to move and if you dont its evident you have no SOUL. . 

So those two tracks are NOW UP on my myspace for you all to have a listen too.. 

and last but not least. .  I'm fronting a new Japanese clothing label called 'Starship' the clothing designs are crazy and i'll be doing a photoshoot for them later this month so, when i'm on the shoot i'll be sure to film and take piccys to show you guys. . 

So keep a eye out for it as its dope and out there. . 

Anyhoo thats it for the minute, remember, download my tracks for free by clicking on my myspace FREE DOWNLOADS blog link and get them from there, add dem up on your myspace pages, facebook, youtube, ipod etc, give dem out to your friends. .  

Its about that time i return to regain whats rightfully mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, so watch how i fcuk 09 up. .  Back to cause damage, so i hope my "competitors" are ready, i got too much lined up, der gona be more pissed off den a mafacker mwahaha" whoop whoop ('',)

'Champion status mi ah deal wid". . . x