Whoo, its been a good year, lots of highs a few lows, lots of grafting, lots of things got worked on and worked out and overall a lot of time n effort got put in this year by myself and team around me and for that im forever grateful. .

2009 is going to be a joyous, exciting time, coz i will officially be back on your tv screens with more acting and also back on the music game 100%. .

As some of you may know already my first video for 'New Style' is now up on youtube and my official www.myspace.com/shystie so check out, if you havent already. .

'NEWSTYLE' VIDEO LINK --> http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9OI7PX73tNA.

As of New Year it will be on the music channels, so when ya see it, REQUEST THE BITCH OUT IT ha and please just continue to support me through my journey. Its the first Single to be lifted off my new album which will definitely be out in 2009 for sure as we are releasing the videos for the songs, so you know its official. . (Thank u so much for all your patience you've shown, i never thought from 2004 i'd have my own tv series, 2 seasons of it, be in a hit box office film in the cinema, and traveling the world, so for obvious reasons things got pushed back and held off, but 2009 i will be back)

Also, early next year i will be shooting a brand new video for my bassline track i did with Subzero called 'PULL IT, and you know its gona be Hard, so keep your ears and eyes open for that too.

Hmm what else, what else. . Yes for NEW YEARS EVE i will be doing surprise performances at 4 clubs up north in Leicester, Dudley, Nottingham and Sheffield, but at what venue?? Its a Surprise, lol so if you see me, you know its going OFFF and together we'll see the new year in which is gona be dope.

Last couple things, regarding my facebook, todays my last day online an i wont be logging back on until sometime in the new year and when i do my page will no longer be visible to ALL, as i will be going under the radar on a private one and deleting people that are not active, meaning those who dont hit me up etc and ima start accepting the new friends request. . (I have 200+ to go through so please be patient with me if your one of them).

And i think thats it really. . Id like to thank everyone who has been supporting me from day one, and people that are only just now finding out about me. I really appreciate it and pray that next year i can be a stronger artist that everyone can continue to help push fwd.

Oh yeah, Its mi birthday on Christmas day ('',) so im looking forward it and will be having lots of fun, (Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes so far and in Advance)

I wish u all a MERRY CHRISTMAS AN A DOPE NEW YEAR. I hope you all get what you want and if you dont, just appreciate what u have and if you cant be good, please be safe over the holidays. .

Hope to check in with you all real soon. .


Quote to wrap up the year:

"What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now."

All the best for seeing 2008 out and seeing 2009 in. .

Much love xxxx

Produced by DJ Deekline. .  
I Love the video, one of my best so far i think. . Let me know your thoughts, hope you like and thank you all for being patience. .xx

p/s Big up Bash for blogging it on his wordpress too, good looking out huni x