Jheeezeeee, toooo cold...

Whooy, the final is here, and im loving it... Big frigging tune, big friggin video.. 

Shouts out to Giggs and Mike... x

Sooo, Dawn is one bad mother (watchyooooo mouf) and her new image and attitude clearly show that. We loves it...

So if your a fan, admirer, stalker, fanatic, male groupie, creep or whatever it is that you label yourself under, check out her new pix from 'HONEY MAG' magazine.. 

To read her full Interview, click the link at the bottom of the page...

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh Hellls To Da Naaaaaw did Chris go get a $300,000 chain with a stupid amount of diamonds, sapphires, and other jewels all in it that spells out 'OOOPS' :-O  _________

Argh gaad, he's taking the piss (covers mouth)...


Loves itttt... (The music at the beginning reminds me a bit of a MJ tune)

(Ignore the video  at the end) :-/

Oh lord, ya prob all up to date with the Jay-z and The Game beef they got going on, but from a guy is bringing a mans WIFE into is a mudness lol... 

SOURCE MTO: It all started a few weeks ago, when Jay Z mentioned The Game in one of his Freestyles. Jay said the following:
I ain't talking about profit, I'm talking about pain
Talking about the city, talking about shame
I ain't talkin' about gossip, I ain't talkin' 'bout Game
I ain't talkin' about Jimmy, I ain't talkin' about Dame

Sounds pretty tame right … well Game ain’t think so. MTO just learned that The Game dropped the following lyrics at a recent Freestyle in Madrid, Spain
This ain’t about about Bey, it ain’t no Destiny,
I’m in Madrid bangin with C-P-T,

You got a bad b*tch word,
Ain’t no p*ssy like hers,
Just ask the Mavericks, Rockets, and the Spurs
I mean – my b*tch don’t slang p*ssy like that…

So Fuck Jay Z!!

Ouch... (Awaits to see how Jay-Z is gona go iiiiiiiin)


Love MPHO, she's dopeee and so is this cover... 

(My fav tune off her new soon to be released album for me is 'FIX YOUR FACE') Oiiiii wataaaah tuneee...

She be apart of the famfam (big hugs to Jade) so make sure you... 
Pre Order BOX N LOCKS from here --> http://www.7digital.com/artists/mpho/box-n-locks

This video is nicee from Jay, big upssss, glad to see him back, whoop hehe x

Got alot of love for Chip.. 

1. Cos he's from the ends and moves with fam (bias i know, sue me(><,) 
2. Coz he's a young guy on his grind making it happen for himself 
and 3. i've been following his music from he was screaming 'CIRCULAAAAAR' on tracks lol and now he's here about to hit the charts..

So, if you havent already, please Cop his single 'Diamond Rings' and help him get a top 5 record.. Its about time we dominate the charts and were only going to make this happen with your support of good music.. OUT NOW NATIONWIDE...

Big tune from Gigs ft The Streets.. I love this tune.. 


Looks like its good be a dope vid, cant wait to see it...

Big up to Bootsie for bringing me down on J.Cole (Signed to Roc Nation), he's dope an people are already comparing him to Drake :-\
What coz they're both light skinned yeh? Quit It.. 

Two different artist and both good at what they do, so stop the comparisons and enjoy their artistry.. 

Trailer for J. Cole's highly anticipated Warm Up mixtape.

Youtube him up and surf the net for his previous free mixtapes floating about

So upsetting man.. (sighs)

LMFAOOOOO... Arghhhh the Shame and embarrassment, poorting...

A local teacher accidentally put pornography into a DVD that was meant to be filled with school memories from the past year, and nobody caught the error until after it was sent home, shocking parents and students alike.

The offending DVD starts with a menu screen that displays various school trips and functions, and when you click on one of them, you see kids in a classroom sharing stories. They start clapping, then the video suddenly cuts to sex.

Pissed... I dont think she should get fired as it was accident, the shame alone shes carrying must be rough enough. But i do think, the teachers or whoever in the school should explain to the children and let them know what happened etc.. Eeek..

As if all the poverty and war going on the world wasn't enough, i was surfing today and came across this embarrassing, copycatting, uncreative mobile phone stealing, couldn't even rearrange the arrangement to make it not so bait, i cant be bothered to think, so lemme just steal this template, got no shame to their 'game', how very fcukin dare they, whack imitation of a 'BLACKBERRY PHONE'... (Gasps............ TWO TIMES)


How is it even possible that they raped Blackberry like this in broad daylight with no lube or vaseline??? HOW?? SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, PLEASEE JUST TELL ME HOOOW?

Its a damn crying shame, that this is what society has come too.. Bah well, Blackberry u are the greatest and i guess imitation is a form of flattery.. (But can also be seen as thieving bastards with no identity) :-/