This is my jammmm at the moment.

This is the first single from my boy Pro, love him to bits, he's not just friend, hes like my brother, we grew up together in
Hackney in the same estate from birth into our teens and was wee liddle best friends lol lol and who woulda thought years
later we'd both being doing our thing at music hehe..

Please support him, hes been putting in the work for time and deserves a number one so buy this tune from itunes and knock Usher off the top spot hehe UK TING RIGHT NOW..

I love Drake, I love this song and i like the video too, nice and simple, no hoochies half naked, with guys popping champagne everywhere, sitting in million dollar cars... Cant wait for this album..


Shutttup, Akala goes in and talks da real ting... Listen to his lyrics and know what it is, about time we had some sensible bars in dis day and age... Praise God