Teacher Peter Harvey hit a 14 year school boy in Mansfield with a dumb bell.

He denied attempted murder andGBH :-/ yet the boy suffered a fractured skull and bleeding to the brain.

Just know on the day in question he also kicked a girl for being disruptive! After the girl walked out in tears the kids started calling him a pyscho.

The boy who was attacked was waving a bunsen burner and a wooden ruler about whilst swearing at the teacher. Mr Harvey is said to have reacted to this, dragged the boy outside the classroom and struck him several times to the head saying "die, die, die" :-/ (someone please let me know if this is normal?!)...

I think its fair to say this guy had a serious mental breakdown!!!! WOW!!

However he was acquitted as it emerged the class had planned to wind him up and catch it on camera to send round and embarrass him.

For the full story check the link below...

I swear i have this on repeat, although she cats foxy on dis track but its still a banger... Whooy...

Download link in the youtube video too x

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Ahhh i love this toooooon, *closes eyes, headphones on and just nodding* 'Yessssssssh'. . .

I love watching other artists creative process in the studio and back stage..

why wud u try it with a comedian... WHY??? *Tears*

OMGAAAD, Bare Gingers getting duppied__________ And the kid that gets shot :-o DPMO.. 


I want some Dre headphones :'-( (Puppy face) 'Anybody?? Somebody??'. . .

Behind The Scenes:

Gaaaaaad i love me some B.O.B *Dreamy eyes*

But his family chose not to put him in a coffin and instad on a super bike :-|

Yikes. . 

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For those that caught SB's F64's prepare to be dazzled by his new venture.... A64 aka Acoustic 64.
He's already started hitting up some serious vocalists!!!

These are some of our fav's so far.

Andreya Triana


Cherri V

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Stay tuned for the rest!!!

First I wanna address Chris's jacket... not a good choice for the outfit... in my opinion.
But anywho his rapping is growing on me, however..

He needs to refrain from using the word 'hit' for at least a decade... no?

What dyu think?? this song is growing on me.

If you're into your prints definitely check out Maya Lake's "Boxing Kitten" collections.

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Official vid for Superman... I loveeeee this track its too soft n sexy!

Peep the new Chanel comb shades... making it easier for women to roll out this summer :-/


RIM have decided to upgrade the Pearl edition handset...
doesn't look too bad and most importantly it has the trackpad function.

I would say this is the option for those not willing to make the transition to a more bulky phone.

OMFG... this guy is too talented! Please support good UK talent!!

Please tell me this cover is great?

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