So I'm chilling, surfing the net and my BB fires off... 'WHO IS IT??'
None other than Shystie hitting me up. She was down at Amp't the other week performing and she caught a performance by Daley.

Voicenote after voicenote I'm being sent samples of this dude singing. I'm sitting there peeved that I didn't roll but vibesin nonetheless.

So I looked him up on good old Myspace and voila...

Making zi Black lippy work.

"I would like you better, if slept together..."

Naaa, Jessie is tooo illly..

I sweeear she needs more exposure, straight singing effortlessly making a bag of singers look embarrassing when touching the mic or studio... *If you aint putting it down like this then just quit you loser and hang yourself with a shoelace........ NOW*

Anyways, check out more of her videos on her youtube channel and listen out for her stuff coz shes baad and defo worth supporting...

Big fan right here, nothing long..

They smashed ittttt... Dont mess aboutttt...

P/S I dunno why but, Lil Mama just pissssssssssssses me offffffffffff to levels that are inhumane for some strange unknown reason..

Maybe coz i think she's Bow Wow playing dress up after hours, or maybe coz she comes across as some big ole woman with a bag of renkin arse attitude, when really she's just a bubi and could be the nicest girl on earth :-x

I dunna, i shouldnt judge her as ill probably buck her one day and she might be a angel who i gel with :-/ but until that day comes fourth, she still pisssses me offf..


Aaliyah Dana Haughton

16th January 1979 – 25th August 2001

Truly talented lil mami and quite possibly one of the FEW rnb singers whose name isn't tainted nor tarnished. 

She passed at such a young age, it's definitely a shame and a great loss.

But like my homie Shystie said it's not about dwelling on the matter, as she wouldn't of wanted that - instead celebrate her life and appreciate what she brought to the game.

**Whoop, a true asset**

So here's ONE of my fav tracks of hers....

Peep Jesse Boykins III's lil 'I Care 4 U' tribute.

OMGaaaaaaadageeeeeeee... (faints) Naaa, as if a normal coops isnt banging enough, TCH (who collaborate with some of the worlds best companies to help them stand out from their competitors and help move brands into a new, niche cool age) are working on this Mini Cooper project which will be announced soon online...


SHUT YO FACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... Yooo, if i see a muvatrucker driving around in this, he/she better know what time it is and step the eff on dat pedal like, because i'll get very 'deh pon di gullyside' and go on very asbo'ish by making that my first car jacking (throws up gang signs)


Swedish based band who I fookin' love!
Not er'bodies cuppa tea... but hey!

Yooo yoo yooo buckarooonies... I know u all love FREE music.. Who doesnt eh? So heres Sophia Fresh’s new mixtape “So Phreakin’ Fresh” produced by T-Pain in the download link below! 
The mixtape is hosted by DJ Lil Boy and features appearances by T-Pain, Akon, and Kanye! Check it out below by clicking on the link.. Dunno how long the link will be up for, so git git your filthy paws on it now, cos this young lady wont be re'upping.. Wah yuh tek dis for, loooongting blad.. (><,)  
My fav Sophia Fresh track below.. Baring in mind im download the mixtape now, so this could change as i may have a new one hehe..

If you've seen the “We Run This Town” video by Jay-Z, ft Rihanna and Kanye West you would've glimpsed Rih Rih looking all bug-like right?

She was rocking some A-Morir (by kerin Rose) shades. Have you got $350?! Well if you have you can be a bug for summer!



Always gotta support UK talent!

This girls voice is amazing... naturally talented.

You may recognise her from E4's School of Performing Arts, alongside Bluey

Had the chance to catch her down @ 'iluvlive' a few years back, she smashed it!


Take a moment to listen to her little interview with SC:TV and peep her MySpace, Twitter etc.

Over the time its definitely apparent both sex and relationships have evolved... 

Where sex had previously been a taboo subject, never discussed in public, it is now even used to sell day-to-day products.... E.g deodorant.

Where sex had previously only been a subject between husband and wife. It can now be heard screamed from the rooftops and bus stops, even down to being plastered all over Twitter or a personal blog *aherm* Rochelle *aherm*.

Peoples morals and perceptions have changed overtimes. 

'Liberation'?! Or slackness? I'd say in this day and age people feel no way to express themselves. Perhaps this openness is to blame for the marriage failure rate or the number of people believing marriage isn't as sacred as it used to be.

But then hey, freedom of speech right?! 

Is it wrong to find someone who u have not entered into an exclusive relationship for a 'quickie'?

Uhhh... Isn't it about satisfaction and forfilling urges and desires?

Or is it all about longevity and finding that one person to make you happy for eternity?

Not everyone longs for commitment and someone to share the rest of their life with.

But it must be nice right? To find your 'soul mate'? The one person that gets you down to your core being... Who you actually want to share every urge,desire,smile,ache,breath with?!

Would that not be BLISS!

In 10years time will the newsagents sell dildo's next to Crunchies?

Will it be okay casually have sex on the train during rush hour and casually buss over the person next to u... "Sorry, here's a tissue".

Mickey Factz on Semtex's show smashing his freestyle to bits, oiiiii yooy... Ang tyt him rollin with the lappy and being on it during the interview all gangstaa like lol...

- 'Im tryna get the benjamins, light bulbs of Edison'
- 'You tryna hang like sadaam'...
- 'Not the supras, or the pumas, usually people see me and say im uber'

STOOOOOOP PLAYING... He's illy for that off the top... 

(Eyes wide open).. LMAO, noow, ive seen quite a few of J smooves videos (whispers) 'If not all of them' HA and its not so much erm, the soft'ish porn moves my guy deals with, its mainly YOUR SISTER whose getting romped outtttt ha ha ha.. 

Tell her fix up star and if u know her mums work email address, send arrn to meh so i can show her what shes doing while she tells her she going to her mate *gestured a quote on quote* 'Kimberly's house' *sideyes*

Now i dunna BUTTTTT, 'Sly Rapeyrapey' screams out at me at 1:33min -1:45min where it says 'KNOCKED OUT' and she pretends to fall back like she is, and lil red RIDING HOOD jumps aboard *smh*...

Naa, but on a real, guys grab a pen n paper, girls erm, dont let your mum catch you practicing this with your neighbor, if she does an someone's recording, i beeeeg you send it too me so i can mock... mwahahaha..

Nways, enjoy the RIDE girls n u freakydeaky guys and J-smoove 079 meeeeeh (><,)

WTF... Smdhead