You already know I likey this track.... and I will be rinsing it in summer when im cruising through the streets of London.

Here's the vid.

Loving this track... nice and smooth.

What dyu think???

Another vid from the lightskinnedid duet.... (I like how the darkskin guy gets no recognition in the title).

What dyu think??

Check out this new joint from my likkle fren M Dot!!!


I dont care, i heart Drake, say nothing, his lyrics are always on point IMO... Love this tune, cant wait for the album

I loveeeeeeee this beat, naaaaah the way its a monster... I want the instrumentaaaaaaaaaaaal


And Gwan Regina King... yu' turn video girl'eeeeeeee

If you're an RnB fan you'll prob like this one from Naye aka Revz 87... UK stand up!

Loving the vid for this...