So you know Tinchy is bloody everywhere right now lol doing his thing. And i must say i have loved both his songs/video he has released so far i.e Stryderman and Take me back. . 

We'll since signing up to Twitter not too long ago, i stay updated with his Twits and popjustice's ones also an they had a clip up to his nxt single 'Number One' ft Daps. .  And i wont lie, its a banger, the hook is nuts and im so confident, dat im willing to bet its going to go straight in at the top 5 if not number one (How ironic eh lol)

So yeh, listen out for the song on radio and look out for the vid as Tinchy has recently shot it and should be on the tv screens real soon. . .

Click the link to hear a clip of it and leave ya feedback:

I absolutely LOVEEEEE this song. . And home boy is putting down the moves too tee hee. .

I like this video as its different, i need to watchit a few times to understand but there is sutun about it that i like. . Only thing is thou, i dunno about the effect on D double vocals as i cant hear or understand wat hes saying, unless thats the effect they went for ?? :-S

Still, what ya thinking??

Very catchy. . Is it just me thou or does she really resemble, that sporty spice woman?? Nehoo, what ya thinking of her new track?


LMFAO, i love JD's vlogs and this one had me in stitches merely for the fact that my sense of humor can be cruel at times (im jus being honest, sue me) HA. . Na but for real, these guys went DEEEEEEEEEP LMAO, poor Christina Milian got put on blast. . 'That aint it' lol pissed. .

They go in on Chris Brown and Rihanna too. I wont lie, i felt soooooo bad for her after seeing the pic of Chris beatin dat ass like to say his name was Ike turner, den to see pictures of them 3weeks later chilling together at P'diddy house is a liberty. . Naaaaah man, WTF. .

I know its each to their own, but sheeeeeet man, its not a good look to be sending out on both parts. I just hope women across the world dont think what Chris done was acceptable and as for Rihanna going back to him, what ah friggin joketing. .

My guy is out in Miami Jet skiing away like its nuffin, with his spokeman talking wet about 'Chris is spending time with the woman he loves' Oh for reel? How baaut you just dont piss me off init, he ike'd her ass all over that lambo and ppl wana be stupid enough to speak on his behalf bout 'Love'??. . . Get the fcuk ouda here, wat a Silly Girl she is man, Very silly girl. . But hey, das just my opinion, i cant ever rate him or her again IF THIS IS REALLY TRUE. .

Come like superstars with the surname brown are all on some 'domestic beat that ass up typah ish'. . James Brown, Bobby Brown now Chris Brown, Daaaaamn aint dat about ah bitch!

Here's a clip of Lil Waynes new track 'Prom Queen' off his new album 'Rebirth' out this spring. .


Here the trailer to the new film 'Dead Man Running' Ft 50 cent, Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, Asher D and Robbie Gee. .

Wat d'ya think?

Naa this fed went waaaay too far. .  Imagine this was your daughter? Some feds take the piss with their power, then they wonder why half these kids have no respect for them. . 

How very dare he plead Guilty, the prick. . .