Okay quick little break. .  

Me and Professor Green, grew up in the same Estate in Hackney from birth basically, so he was my best friend lol(That sounded corny init lol but SHUT YO FACE AND KISS MY ASS SO WHAT!!) and i was his (well i better have been) *pulls up sleeves* ('',) so yeah he has been my boy from we was born, ive known him forever n vise versa so you know its only right i promote, promote and promote him ('',)


Please visit his myspace. . Pro Green Official Myspace

He has a new e.p out now, only a Fiver . .  Thats like One bottle of Blossom Hill from your off licence (£3.99 in sainsbury, but thats not my point). .  My point is Cop his E.P. .

My fav tracks from his myspace is TRUNK SHIT, BIG WIDE WORLD AND BECOME ONE OF US. .


Sooo, I was having a conversation yesterday and was asked what do i look for etc. . So i was like hmm ok, the things he has to be on is or things i look for is. . 

1. He has to Drive - Come on, i'm in my twenties, so the men i date are only in that age range, so my thing is, why havent you got a car? Why are you not driving? Does this mean, you take bus?? 

Arghhh helllll naw. . 

2. He has to be working - 'If YOU'RE not working, Then I'M NOT INTERESTED' It's different if you've just lost you're job and you're in the process of looking for one. . But when you're just Bumming it out at home all day, signing on, expecting me to pay for yo ass when we go out and pick u up all the time, then u got me confused. .

3. He has to be a gentleman - I like Men that are caring, supportive, protective, a best friend, guys that open doors (i don't expect him to on that one, but if he did i'd take heed like 'Awww that was nice'

4. He has to be a MAN, as in, not some lil soft boy gimp, he has to be He-Man strong HA - Ok, so i like men that are a lil thuggy, but at the same time i dont want some woman beating gun man thats always in and out of pen, NO that's NOT what i'm looking for.  Also a man that isn't going to let me just take the piss and take him for asshole, when we're arguing he has to be able to stand his ground and not jus run away from the problem, (i hate WIMPS ergh). .  And lastly i like men that are masculine, Whoo gimme a big built man any day, (not on the skinny guys, im slim enough for the both of us so it aint gona work if he is too, nuh uh) 

5. He has to be Focused - I love driven men, that have goals and ambition. . Men that know what they want and go out and get it, instead of sitting at home day dreaming about all the shoulda, coulda, woulda's. . Get up, do that shit and stay on it. .

5. Hmm i like romantic guys that can wine and dine me and surprise me with random things without me having to hint HA - Na seriously thou, i do like to go or be taken out, wined n dined from time to time and do spontaneous things. I just like to have fun but at the same time, i like to chill an have nights in where we just order take aways and watch dvds etc. .  hmm. .

6. A man that can inspire me to be a higher me, that listens and can help me when i need advice also -  I'm not interested in any man that isn't on my level and above as me mentality. .  Its so long and thats why i have no time for BOYS. Also, I'm very independent, i make my own money, Dont and wont ever be a gold digger (Cant stand dem girls or men), i pay my own way, i got my own things and dont EXPECT a man to give me money or anything like that. All i look for in a man is a good man, on point men is the way fwd and i wont except anything less, why should i?

Hmm can't think of more right now, i know there's other things lol but thats it for the minute. . 
Is that too much? Is that not enough? What do you look for and want, actually, what do you expect as a standard?

I know how i am, im always surrounded by men as i have a lot of male friends, so i get treated like a lil princess and often i use them as a template as to what i want in my own man. . lol is that bad?

For example when i go out with some of my good male friends, and we go shopping, they always holds my bags, ALWAYS without me even having to ask. And im like 'Hun, its fine you know, you dont have to hold them' and they're like 'Just gimme your bags'.  So i'm always like 'Awww thank you'. . My brother does that a lot when we go out too, and i say 'You're going to make such a good boyfriend' lol. .

But yeah, my sisters are saying im bad for some of the things i look for lol but im like 'fcuk that, once you get treated like a lady, you cant go back to bullshit' plus the fact i dont feel like i should settle for less. All the things i look for and expect in a man, i'm willing to do as well, so its not like i want all these things and im not willing to do just the same for him, cos i am, will and do.

Hmmm. .  Let me know what you want in a relationship, the things you expect, what is standard things for him or her to do? What are you willing or not willing to to? etc

Hit me back and let me know what ya think. .  mwah x