Check out Szjerdene covering that classic hit 'Georgia' (Ray Charles)

What dyu think???

New vid from Smiler... check it.

I mean there's no denying Will and Jada churned out some cute kids... Jaden is everywhere at the momo.

BUT can we please spare a moments silence for them allowing Willow to shave of the side of her head! WHY?!?!?

Not impressed!

I'm definitely a fan... they have some real extravagant pieces but hey isn't jewelry a statement in

I love the Stack Pyramids ring
the Brooklyn Bridge ring

Alot of the hoodrat celebs are wearing Noir pieces, from Lady GaGa, to Rihanna, to Katy Perry... etc

check out their website - NoirJewelry

I'm liking this vid, could've done with a vocal,
nonetheless check it out...

'Rollin' coming off the Don't Mention It Mixtape...
It's too smoothe.

Peep the vid for 'Shut Up' below....

TUNEEEEE... Wheres Jay-z? LOL Pissed, Snoop shouldnt of been in the video n got kids to play his part so it wouldnt of been so bait eek... Still i like this vid n song *Nods*


Read here at what Apples tryna go on with... Phone Dock

Nicki's everywhere right now doing her thing and colloabing with Usher is never a bad thaaaang, whoop... What dyu think?

If you know about 'KIDZ IN THE HALL' then ima SNM...

DONT FCUK AROUND..... EVE is stilllllllllll tooo cold, she kills dem allll over this track and this is why shes in my top 3 
female rappers list... 1.Lauryn hill 2. EVE 3.Jean Grae


Oh my wordddddddddddddddddd

Do not tell me you do not love these chunky bundles of joy.

Gimme one of these and I'll be telling you the time sponsored by G-Shock every 5 minutes!

Peep the Hyper Colour Man Box below...

She's toooo serious, she stripped all di way bucki ass nekkid on the street and whereeee did she get that donk from?? wtdh, Go gur' lol... 

Anyways this is my jam, cop her album 'New Amerykah Part Two',  out now. .

J.Cole is cooooooold, check out his mixtapes... And please listen to his punchlines, hes serious...

Oh my gaaad, i swear on your mums life i'm crushing on B.O.B,  GATTTTDAYUMMMMMM. . .

Have a listen... 'Dont let me fall' ---> 

Kanos new mixtape, is my favourite so far... The End

Click Here to get it FREE----->  Jack Bauer Mixtape


1. 'You are young'
2. Back Home

If you haven't already got it, download it now, Lioness's mixtape...

She's been around for a minute and she's still doing her thing, going in and i wont lie, its prob the first UK mixtape i downloaded in ages and liked lmfao --> (Pissed, dont be mad if i dont pump yours u raggamuffin Pssh) Anyways link below, click it biatches...

Defo cop this, its one for thee car and let us know what ya fav tracks are etc. . .
Always supporting good females trust me...