Ahhh poor thaang, i hate seeing men cry :'-( 

((Dont think the supporters felt the same as i do thou, ikerumbaaaa))

Tough crowd, eeek...

Pisssssed.... Imagine Bootsie, belled me at like 9 something a.m on da w/end :-| eek (Why did she catch me midway sleeping, where you wake up half stupid cos yr not even up properly?? like 'who, wat, gibberish gibberish, huh, is it my bday :-/ more mumbling and grumbling.. sighs)..
Nways boots was like, 'Get upppp, i jus sent u a link to this new BBM, download it nooow its baaaad' So i was like 'Ohhhh shet mun, lemme see what dis is about' so i did, and its TOO DOPE, i love it, but as its a leak version, it means there's some things that dont work 100%. I found that msgs werent getting 'D' and i was recieving bbms hours later n twice, saying the same thing, 'BOOO YOU WHORE' (N)..
So i thought eff dat, ima wait for the official released one thats meant to be out in Sept sometime and deleted the new one off my phone. Now, since the whole world an their mums, went an grabbed this free version (Were so farse up HA), loads of ppl want the old one back as they are like 'Its deleted my contacts, address book and wiped bbm off my phone' <-- (covers mouth from laughing)  Soooo dis is what I did, jus remember do at ya own risk, dnt wana be blamed if it goes wrong lol:

. FIRST BACK UP YR DATA! (By putn in the os disk dat came wid yr berry into a pc)

2.Den go to Options- Adv Options -Apps- highlight BBM 5.0, press the menu key n delete it on yr phone.

3. from there, connect yr device to a pc, launch DM (Desktop Manager, da cd u loaded earlier), go into APP LOADER (settings or options) n click bb messenger 4.6.0. Click nxt n it shud install the previous version on yr device that says (downgrade, not preferred) unclick bbm 5.0 if it comes up.

4. Then when u do that, do step 3. again but dis time click preferred, that'll update ur phone back to before, just w/o that new bbm.

Long, but only way i know how to get it back... Ive got mine back working now and im back to smiling again x

I dunno man, i just dunnaaaaa.. I really like Chris Brown, but dat ass whoopin he handed out to Rihanna was too much.. 

I think would of felt his sincerity abit more if he weren't bait au-toque reading and also if he weren't prancing about with his new (dope ass looking diamond chain) that spells out 'Oops', cos to me it just seemed like a 'I dont give a fcuk, i can take the piss if i wana'..

Hmmm.. Feedback?

This ad is toooo much lmao... Bursting all over her face yeh? DEAAAAAD ha ha ha ha

Is this too much?? Hahahaaa.. She was thirsty i guess :-\