Teacher hits schoolboy with dumbbell

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Teacher Peter Harvey hit a 14 year school boy in Mansfield with a dumb bell.

He denied attempted murder andGBH :-/ yet the boy suffered a fractured skull and bleeding to the brain.

Just know on the day in question he also kicked a girl for being disruptive! After the girl walked out in tears the kids started calling him a pyscho.

The boy who was attacked was waving a bunsen burner and a wooden ruler about whilst swearing at the teacher. Mr Harvey is said to have reacted to this, dragged the boy outside the classroom and struck him several times to the head saying "die, die, die" :-/ (someone please let me know if this is normal?!)...

I think its fair to say this guy had a serious mental breakdown!!!! WOW!!

However he was acquitted as it emerged the class had planned to wind him up and catch it on camera to send round and embarrass him.

For the full story check the link below...

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